”Ναυμαχία” Αμερικανών, Ρώσων & ΝΑΤΟ σε Αιγαίο & Μεσόγειο – Αναλυτικοί χάρτες


#MarshalUstinovSAG transiting WEST, between Greece and Malta
– It is likely #AdmiralKasatonov has sailed to region the #UstinovSAG
#Varyag SAG seen alongside Tartus, with Varyag at anchor outside the breakwater.
– Most 5th Operational Squadron alongside

— TheShipYard (@TheShipYard2) May 12, 2022

In the last two weeks the aircraft has operated over the eastern Mediteranean Sea#NATO #Russia #Ukraine #Italy

— Itamilradar (@ItaMilRadar) May 13, 2022

Some Russian ships are moving to the central Mediterranean, the USS Truman is in Naples and several Italian and NATO units are participating in an exercise in the Tyrrhenian Sea#NATO #Russia #Ukraine #RussianUkrainewar

— Itamilradar (@ItaMilRadar) May 12, 2022

**UPDATE**#Russian Navy SLAVA Class cruiser and warships at Tartus, Mediterrean, today.

Remains relevant to #Ukraine War

Both Improved-KILO Class submarines based there were in port.

However it is possible that Russian Navy nuclear submarines are in Mediterrean. #OSINT

— H I Sutton (@CovertShores) May 10, 2022

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